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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pixie-Bobs
Are they really part bobcat?
The Pixie-bob is a domestic cat with the visual similarity of the bobcat.

Do they look like bobcats?
Yes, but in varying degrees. Through careful and selective breeding the physical characteristics of the bobcat can be seen in the Pixie-bob.

How large are they?
Male cats range in weight from 12-20 lbs. The females usually top out at 12 lbs. The males are typically more heavily muscled than the females. Keep in mind that they continue to grow and fill out the first three years of their life.

Where did the name come from?
The first female kitten produced from the original Legend Cats? was named Pixie and Pixie was owned by Ms. Carol Brewer of Bellingham, Washington. It is this cat that is credited as "The Original Pacific Northwest Pixie-Bob"!

How old is the breed?
Beginning in 1985, a small group of Northwest breeders began working with cats that had the visual similarity of the bobcat. They started with a common goal in mind. These individuals worked with what occurred naturally, stabilizing the wild look while maintaining the gentle nature that cat fanciers of the world have come to know and love in the Pixie-Bob cats.

Is the Pixie-Bob accepted by a major registering association?
Yes! A true Pixie-Bob will be registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). This is an international registry of pedigree cats. Cats registered through this association are eligible to complete in the show ring for points, if their number is prefixed with SBT/SBV. It is highly recommended that the kitten you purchase be registered through this association to insure that your are acquiring a genuine Pixie-Bob.

What is the life span of a Pixie-Bob?
Under optimum conditions they live just a s long as any other domestic breed of cat.

How much does one cost?
Pets range in price from $500 to $1,500 with an occasional kitten priced lower. Breeder and Show quality start at $1,500 and up, depending on how closely their physical traits match those of the TICA breed standard.

What is the difference between a pet, breeder and a show quality?
The different rankings are determined by how closely the kitten/cat matches the Pixie-Bob breed standard. Measurements include, body type, coat quality, color and pattern, and most of head and facial features. In order to be a show quality kitten/cat it must fit the standard closely.

What is their personality like?
We believe the Pixie-Bob's temperament closely resembles the canine species. Being quite dog-like in devotion, intelligence and trainability. They are a unique breed that bonds strongly to a single individual and/or family for life.

Are they wild like a bobcat?
On the contrary, they are very loving and affectionate. However, they are often full of "wild" exuberance. Owning a Pixie-Bob will never be dull. It is a joyful adventure that has coined the phrase "Happiness is being owned by a Pixie-Bob"!

How are they with children?
The Pixie-Bob is a superb house cat and fares well even in the smallest apartment. They are very clean and are litter box trained. They prefer to scratch wood and traditional cat scratchers rather than furniture. We recommend that a new owner acquire an interesting piece of wood or cat scratcher to place in a corner with free access. Additionally, keeping their nails trimmed every other week or so will help reduce the potential of any scratching behavior.

Are they noisy?
No. This is not to say, however, that they do not talk to you. Most Pixie-Bobs have a series of chirps and chortles in their communication as well as an occasional meow. These other sounds are commonly made during play time and for expressing affection.

Can I let my Pixie-Bob run outside?
It is not wise to leave your friend outside where it is often helpless to protect itself from cars, dogs, coyotes, birds of prey, disease, fights, theft and just plain getting lost. Pixie-Bobs are however easily trained to walk with harness and leash. A harness and leash are always good to have, especially when traveling with your companion.

Will a Pixie-Bob get along with my other pets?
It will take a short adjustment period, but once the other pets understand the Pixie-Bob is happy to be their friend. They are benevolent rulers and very sociable.

Why do some of them have extra toes?
There is a polydactyl gene that runs like a fine thread all throughout the breed beginning with the original cats. This is an allowable trait in the Pixie-Bob, however, no extra points are given for it. Historically, there is no evidence of health issues in cats with extra toes. The maximum allowed is seven on the front and back feet.

What do I feed my Pixie-Bob?
It is best to feed them an excellent diet of, high quality raw, canned and dry foods. Ask your breeder what they recommend. Being consistent in their diet is the most important aspect of your cat's health. Some owners and breeders prefer to make their own food. Recipes may be found in most healthy cat type books. Some breeders use fresh cooked meat and others use raw with the Healthy Powder and other ingredients.

How can I know that I am getting the quality of kitten I want?
Look for the "TICA Registered Outstanding Cattery" designation. The TICA Outstanding Cattery is the highest designation offered by TICA. It requires an annual on-site inspection by a veterinarian and acceptance and adherence to TICA's Code of Ethics. We advise you to never purchase a kitten without a written contract and to request several color photos before you buy, if you are unable to select a kitten in person. These simple rules can save you much heartache.

What else should I know?
The Pixie-Bob is eccentric to say the least. Their unusual behaviors include burying their uneaten food, stealing and collecting small items (the shinier the better), a love of playing in the water (don't be surprised if your kitten wants to join you in the bathtub!) and some have even been known to duel with the vacuum cleaner!





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