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About Pixie-Bobs.com
Pixie-Bobs.com was created to provide the public with a source of factual information on this new domestic breed of cat.

We at Pixie-Bobs.com are committed to breeding only the best of our best with the intention of bringing forward the wild "rufus" coloring and strong body type, while enhancing the warm and friendly nature of the domestic cat.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not use any recognized domestic breeds (i.e., Bengal, Maine Coon, Manx) in the development of this exciting new cat breed nor do we accept any wild breeds (i.e., Bobcat, Lynx, Asian Leopard Cat) as out-cross blood. We are proud of the quality and diversity of our foundation bloodlines.

We emphasize health and a loving disposition as well as correct type and size. We handle each kitten with gentleness and love from birth onward to ensure that, whether they are destined for the show ring or to be treasured family pets, they will be loving and confident. Our kittens are members of our household and receive constant nurturing to ensure that they are ready to join your family with minimal adjustment.

We are respected members of TICA through participation and support of TICA sanctioned shows across the United States. http://www.tica.org

As with all breeds, there are breeders whose main interest is income. These "backyard breeders" do not use quality cats. Sanitation, environment and dietary needs are frequently not met. Cats produced from this type of operation are an insult to the breed because of their poor quality, conformation and health.

Because of this, we at Pixie-Bobs.com encourage prospective buyers to look carefully before purchasing, to make certain they are getting what is best for their money. Pixie-Bobs are not inexpensive, so be wise when shopping.

The individual who breeds for quality not quantity will be your best bet!!

Pixie-Bobs.com was designed to help you in your search for that perfect addition to your family.
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