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About DistinctivelyNW Pixie-Bobs
At Distinctively NW Pixie-Bobs we emphasize health and a loving disposition as well as correct type and size. We handle each kitten with gentleness and love from birth onward to ensure that, whether they are destined for the show ring or to be treasured family pets, they will be loving and confident. We will sell no kitten until it has had sufficient time to develop its personality and receive its immunizations. We feel that the wait is a small price to pay to ensure that the new owner receives a healthy, well-adjusted kitten. For a breed that remains kitten-like its whole life, a few weeks extra is worth the wait.

We only sell our kittens by reservation and only to approved homes. If you are interested in acquiring one of our beautiful, happy kittens, we welcome your inquiry.

Our home is feline leukemia negative and all our kittens come with a health guarantee.

We are respected and active members of TICA and the Pacific Northwest Outlaws Breed Club.

Contact Linna Ritch and Rusty Kulp today if you'd like to be owned by a Pixie-Bob!

Call (425) 788-5368